Top tricks to cover your roots at home.

During the times that you can’t make it to the salon, we have some tricks from to make sure that you don’t go insane looking at those roots! Check out all of our tips below.

Cant get to the salon but need to cover the dreaded roots to get you by? These are our top tips to get you through those awkward times in between salon visits and without wasting time, lets will get straight into it !

Root Camouflage Kits.

These handy little kits fit inside your handbag and are perfect to use daily! We love these because you can apply them whenever you need and they wash out with your next shampoo. They will not cause any damage to your hair as they just sit on the roots and wash out with ease! Apply the small sided brush when applying from the kit and the big brush to massage it in. Use circular motion for best results!

Root Sprays.

Another ideal little product to keep inside the handbag. These create more of a blanket coverage than the camouflage kits. Be sure to spray from about 6 inches away from the scalp and start with less than you think you need. For best results, we find that small, short sprays are best as you won’t over use the product!

Zig-Zag Partings.

Zig-Zag partings are a simple but effective way to remove the harsh line that can come with having a regrowth from colour. Its also a pretty easy way to create a little bit more volume at the parting as the hair is moved side to side which, in turn, produces more root lift! We recommend to use your index finger, and start at the front hairline to achieve this look. Just move your finger side to side in the general area of your parting and there you have it! For more defined results, use the first few teeth of a comb!

Braid Your Hair.

Twisting your hair in any type of way will blend your natural colour into the artificially coloured hair. We suggest creating french braids, dutch braids or just simply twisting your hair to stop the root looking so obvious. For shorter hair, you can always just braid the hair line to create a similar effect.

Add Texture.

Adding texture ie. movement, waves or curls to your hair is a sure fire way to take the attention off that root area. Creating some movement through the ends of the hair can distract people from checking out the roots while at the same time, softening the look at the root area. Whatever way you are going to create the texture, make sure it works from roots to ends and isnt just a little curl through the end of the hair.

Dry Shampoo.

Adding dry shampoo to your hair is a great way to hide darker roots as the white powder from the product will often give the effect of lightening your hair ! The other added benefits of using this product are that it will give more volume to hair so your roots aren’t nearly as visible, and that the dry shampoo will give you longer out of your blow-dry too!

And thats a wrap on this article guys! We hope these little insights will help you until you can get to your next hair appointment.

As always, please get in touch in the comments or on our social channels and let us know how you get on using these tips! Let us know what you want to see next too!

Love, Ballance x

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