4 essential grooming tips for men with long hair.

A longer look on men can look incredible. The up-keep is the part that causes everyone the most stress. Lets go through some grooming tips for longer hair to help you manage it.

Get a good haircut.

The first thing on the list on grooming essentials for longer hair is getting a proper shape cut into it. Without a proper shape created in the hair, its nearly impossible to style it as desired. Talk to your barber/stylist about what look you want and ask them for suggestions and recommendations also. Its their profession, they’ll lead you in the right direction!

Use conditioner.

Many men overlook conditioner completely. This is a big mistake especially with longer styles. The longer the hair gets, the drier it becomes most of the time. Conditioner will smoothen the hair out, and make it softer. Apply the conditioner through the ends of the hair and not on the roots.

Apply product when wet.

Applying styling products to damp hair is the best way to make it become easier to manage and mould your hair into shape. This is the same advice whether you are going to blow-dry your hair or leave it to dry naturally. Use product that is designed for your hair texture and the look you are trying to create.

Use hairspray.

Hairspray is going to hold your style in place. The more you use, the more hold it will create. When you have finished styling your hair and you are happy with the end result, apply your hairspray to cement it into place. Hairspray should be applied to your hair when it is finally styled and dry.

We are positive that these tips will help you tame your hair. If you need anymore advice, please drop a comment or email us and we will create content to help you as soon as possible!
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