6 top tips from the Ballance team.

With the lockdown not being lifted until atleast the 5th of May, and hair salons probably not opening for another while after that, we have put together some of our top tips from the Ballance team to help you with your hair at home. Lets dive right in below.

Style your fringe/bangs right after your shower.

A fringe or side swept bangs can be difficult enough to deal with at the best of times. Instead of waiting for this section of your hair to dry naturally, tackle it first! Blowdrying your fringe/bangs first will give you more control to style as you desire as you will be moulding the hair from wet.

Pat your hair dry with a towel.

After you shampoo your hair, gently pat your hair dry with a towel instead of rubbing the hair together. This will prevent the hair from knotting and will help eliminate frizz. When patting your hair dry, do so gently and start at the ends and work your way up. Just make sure you don’t ruffle your hair during this process.

Blast out your dry shampoo.

Everyone seems to be using dry shampoo but this quick tip could help you use it more effectively. Apply dry shampoo as you usually would (on to the scalp area). After you have applied it to the root area, blast out the product with your hair dryer. This simple step will help to remove the excess oils and build up which you are trying to eliminate anyway !

Only apply conditioner to the ends of your hair.

This one is a game changer and one worth mentioning because clients are always shocked to hear it. The purpose of conditioner is to add shine, smoothen the hair and to detangle the individual hair strands after shampooing. By applying conditioner from the ends, you will nourish the hair, smoothen the lengths and ends and stop the dreaded knots when its time to brush it out. By placing conditioner on the scalp, you are simply adding products to the scalp that it does not need which can result in greasy, flat hair.

Don’t tie your hair up too tight.

Tying your hair up is something that every woman does, just ensure you are not putting too much strain on the individual hair strands. We see it all the time, people pulling there hair up and stretch the hair strands from the scalp area. Over time this can cause the root to become weaker and lead to hair falling out or becoming broken at these areas. To prevent this from happening just ensure that the hair is not strained when tying it up.

Lower the temperature in the shower.

Washing your hair with water that is too hot will not only activate the glands that produce oils on the scalp, but will also strip the hair fibre of its layers and produce hair that is very dry as a result. The team at Ballance recommends that you shower with water that is of a comfortable temperature, not too hot or cold.

We hope that these tips will help you manage your hair at home during this period. Stay safe and we will see you all soon.

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