Helping you get rid of oily hair with these simple steps.

We hear it all of the time, greasy hair is one of the most common issues in the hair care world. Today, we are tackling oily hair head on with our favourite and most effective tips from the industry. Lets get started.

Shampoo your hair less.

When you have oily hair, the first thing you do is wash your hair, right? Not necessarily. Washing your hair every day will result in your hair producing more oils than usual. This is because the glands at the scalp will overcompensate for the oils lost when you shampoo your hair too much. Changing this routine will take time, as your body gets used to you not washing away the oils so much so be patient with the results. We recommend only washing your hair 2 or 3 times a week.

Do not touch.

Running your hands through your hair is an open invitation for oils. Your hands are touching numerous surfaces throughout the day and transferring these oils and germs over to your hair strands is never going to help. If you have a habit of touching your hair, tie it up at the start of the day to stop yourself running your hands through it.

Excessive brushing.

Brushing your hair too often from roots to ends will result in pulling the oils down the hair shaft creating greasy hair. If you need to brush your hair often, we recommend just detangling the ends of the hair and not brushing from the roots too much.

Massage instead of scrubbing.

We know how easy it is to scrub your hair while in the shower, but this is counter productive. Excessive scrubbing will activate the glands on the scalp to produce more oils. Instead, try massaging the scalp with a good pressure. This will ensure a clean scalp but won’t agitate the glands too much.

Be smart with products.

Using too much products will create a build up of oils on the hair. Try to minimise the amount of product applied to your hair and especially your scalp. Product choice is another key factor here. Make sure you are using products that are light weight and not something that will weigh your hair down.

Style your hair with movement.

Straight hair makes it so much easier for oils to travel down the hair shaft. Think about creating waves or curls in your hair to stop the oils gliding down the hair so easily. Have you ever noticed how naturally curly hair is a lot drier on the ends? Its because the oils from the roots can’t get through. Style your hair with movement and check this out for yourself.

These are some of the most effective ways to tackle greasy hair. The insights shared in the article above are designed to help you in the fight against oily hair. Let us know how you get on by emailing us or get active in the comments section below !

This article was written because we have received a couple of emails recently about this subject. Our mission is to help you with your hair and to manage it correctly. If you have any hair related issues, let us know and we will tackle it as soon as possible!

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