8 easy ways to create volume in your hair.

If you have naturally fine hair, it can be hard work trying to achieve root lift in your hairstyle. However, there are many little tricks to create the volume you have always wanted. We are going to go through our favourite, quick and easy tips to achieve volume at the roots right now!

1) Move your parting around.

Sticking with your natural parting will result in flat hair at the roots. This is because of how the hair grows naturally. However, if you move the hair in a way it doesn’t naturally want to go, it will create a lot more lift. Try zig-zag partings, a low side parting or wearing no parting at all!

2) Layer your hair.

Creating a few different lengths in your hair will allow your hair texture to naturally get a little fuller. Creating some shorter lengths at the top area of the head will allow this hair to be lighter and therefore, won’t be weighed down when you style it.

3) Dry your hair upside down.

By tilting your head upside down and blasting it with a hairdryer, it is encouraging volume at the root area. This happens because it is pushing hair against the way it naturally wants to move and will push the root area of the hair up.

4) Volume sprays.

Volume sprays are a fantastic way to create volume at the roots of your hair. The directions for each one change from company to company but the idea is the same. They create a little bit of a starchy feel to the root area which in turn will hold some hairs together and make them stronger. By doing this it takes any softness out of the root and will hold volume for longer.

5) Apply rollers.

Rollers are so underrated in the hair industry. They are very simple to apply and will create gorgeous root lift and movement throughout the hair. There is 2 popular types of rollers, velcro and heated. Heated rollers can be applied to dry hair for 20 minutes to create the desired effect, and velcro should be applied to damp hair and left until dry. Misting each section of hair lightly with a hairspray will help with the hold also.

6) Sleep with your hair up.

Pulling your hair up and securing it at the top of the head in a bun while its still damp and heading to bed for the night is a super easy and effective way to achieve body in the hair! This is a great technique because it requires no heat, no real effort and is done while you sleep! Be sure to not tie your hair too tight but ensure that it is secure.

7) Dry your hair naturally.

Allowing your hair to dry naturally will create volume all throughout the hair. This is because when you apply heat or tools to the hair you end up stretching the hair, and this will flatten the hairstyle. Check out a recent article we posted about drying curly hair to see more tips on this!

8) Use home care that encourages volume.

Using home care that is designed for building volume is the first step to voluminous locks. Start using a root lift shampoo and conditioner to encourage root lift in your hair from the start.

We believe that these 8 steps will help you achieve volume easily in your hair. Try them out and see what works best for you and your own hair styling routine.

Thank you to everyone for your comments and your emails for us to create more content. We will continue to write articles for you guys to help with your hair and would love to hear your feedback.

Here to help, x

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