Shampooing your hair correctly at home.

One thing that crops up time and time again in our consultations with clients on the is the topic of shampooing at home, and it turns out that the majority of people are doing it incorrectly!

Lets face it, unless you have trained as a hairstylist you are never going to really know if you are shampooing your hair correctly or not. But thats why we have started these blog posts and we hope that we can teach you a thing or two in here that will benefit you greatly moving forward! We will start by sharing those tips and tricks that will help you from the start, so lets start below.

Firstly, lets begin by stating that shampoo is actually used to clean your scalp and not the strands of hair on your head. This is a common mistake people make as they use the shampoo to clean the hair itself which can result in more brittle, dull and damaged hair than if you just concrete the shampoo on the scalp. When shampooing, just focus on massaging the product through the scalp and roots of the hair as this is where the oils are produced. By focusing just on the scalp itself, you will automatically see a big difference in the amount of time it takes your hair to get oily in between washes and you will also be using a heck of a lot less product which is always good for the hair, and the purse!

Another thing that we hear a lot from clients is that of ‘scrubbing’ the scalp during a shampoo. We always recommend using more of a slow but firm ‘massaging’ motion while cleaning the scalp. The reason behind this is that the glands that produce the oils are similar to that elsewhere on the body, and if you rub them too vigorously, they can produce more oils than normal as a reaction. So instead of scrubbing the scalp, try massaging it instead but making sure that you are covering the whole area of the head of course !

Conditioning your hair is another part of the process, and we find people make mistakes at this stage too! First up, its completely different than the shampooing part as the conditioner is only supposed to be worked up from the ends of the hair. We never really recommend to put conditioner on the scalp as it can sometimes lay on the head and feel like a build up of oils if applied there.

For applying conditioner, we recommend that you have rinsed the shampoo out of your hair thoroughly, and then have taken the heavy moisture out of the hair by softly squeezing the ends without matting it together. By taking out excess moisture before you place conditioner though the ends it will stop the conditioner from becoming diluted and therefore you (again) will need less product to do the same job!

As a top tip, we will always say that if shampooing your hair when you are going for a shower, always shampoo your hair as the first step to your shower. Take heavy moisture out of hair, apply conditioner and then leave in until you have finished up with the rest of your showering process. This way the conditioner can stay in your hair for a little longer and will feel softer when you rinse it out!

Try these little tips out and let us know how you get on with them. We would love to hear your feedback in the comments below, and on our other social channels also! Of course everyones hair texture is different and we will be going more in depth on different hair types, textures and styles in the future but for now, we hope these will give you a head start !

What would you guys like to us to cover next !?

Please get in touch with your suggestions and whats giving you trouble with your hair, We would love to help !

Here to help, x

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