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Anyone who has naturally curly hair will tell you that making your curls look good every day is a battle. We are going to try and make that battle a little easier for you with our top tips taken straight from the salon and delivered to you in this post!

Anyone who has curly hair will tell you that their hair can be unpredictable, unmanageable and difficult to control. Thats were we come in. We are going to show you how we treat curly hair in the salon, and the advice we pass on to our guests. The goal here is to make your tresses easier to manage, and to have a lot more good hair days! Lets get started blow.

1) Never stretch your curls out when wet.

One of the most common mistakes we see day after day in the salon is that our guests don’t know how to comb they’re hair out and get it ready to dry correctly. This is the start of the process and if it isn’t followed the rest of the tips won’t be as effective! We always recommend combing your curls out with a wide tooth comb, and please brush from the ends up ! Using a wide tooth comb will be much kinder to your natural curls as it won’t pull or stretch the individual hairs too much. At the same time, combing from the ends and working your way up is an easier way to glide through knots and stop the damage that would be done if you were to just pull through all of your hair at once !

2) Use multiple products together to define and hydrate curls.

Curly hair will generally always need more moisture than other hair types. This is down to the spiralling nature of the individual hair strands and it being more difficult for oils to pass through. It is for this reason that most curly hair clients find that the roots get oily and the ends are always dry! Using two or more products together can target multiple issues in the hair at once.

3) Your hands are the most important hair tool.

The way you touch your hair with your hands will really make or break your hairstyle. We see people get to this stage all the time only to mess up at this crucial step, so try your best to be cautious when touching your curls! After you have combed your hair through and added your products, now is the time to style your hair into your curl pattern. We suggest that you encourage as much natural curl as possible at this stage, do this by using your hand as a type of claw and gently scrunching from the ends up. Another alternative to this and to get more defined and uniform curls is to separate a couple of strands of hair and twist them in your your fingers to achieve this.

4) Allow your hair to dry fully in this curl pattern.

After you have used your hands to encourage as much natural curl as possible, leave your hair in this pattern until 100% dry! If you don’t allow your hair to dry fully in this shape and try to move your hands through it while it is still damp, it will cause the curl pattern to stretch and this can encourage frizz. Don’t worry about it drying too curly as we will style it out next!

5) Style as desired when dry!

Now that your hair has dried 100%, its time to make it yours! Style it out whatever way you like but just make sure not to pull or brush through the curls. We suggest throwing your head over and massaging the roots for more volume. Applying some serum to the ends when dry can help with personalising your look too!

We hope that this short blog posts will help you guys out with the battle against your own hair! Please let us know in the comments or on our social channels how you get on with it!

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