5 easy ways to achieve beach waves in your hair.

One of the most popular hairstyles around is that of a wavy blow-dry. Today we are going to break down the easiest ways to achieve beach waves in your hair at home. Lets dive right in!

Two French braids.

This is a salon favourite as a lot of our own stylist use this technique to create them undone, natural beach waves in their own hair. To achieve optimal results, we say to do this in damp hair and keep in until dry. Simply divide the hair straight down the middle of your head from front to back, and do two French braids the whole way down your hair. Leaving out the ends will give a more undone feel to this look.

Ponytail and a curling wand.

Another super easy way to achieve the wavy look is by popping your hair in a ponytail and curling small sections in different directions. Adjust where you put the ponytail in as this will have an effect on the end result. Want waves that start lower down? Secure your hair in a low pony and then proceed curling in different directions with the wand.

Twist and straighten.

Take small sections throughout your hair and simply twirl around your finger until you reach the ends. When the hair is twisted enough, apply the straighteners to the twists until the hair has heated up. Tap the straighteners along the twists from roots to ends and then simply release.

Turn your curling tongs sideways.

So many of you will be using a curling tongs at home anyway, but by simply turning it horizontally instead of vertically, It will completely change your end result. This may take a little time to get used to, but by holding the tongs this way you will achieve more of that Victoria Secret style wave.

Spin your straighteners.

Straightners can be used to create waves too. Start by taking small sections of hair, place the flat iron at the root of the hair pointing to the floor, rotate it 360 degrees and then simply move down the hair shaft to the ends. Never leave the straighteners on your hair too long, and never clamp it with tight pressure either. Leave all sections and then brush out when cool.

When using heated tools, ALWAYS use a heat protector. This will ensure you maintain the integrity of the hair and that your style looks good, always.

There you have it, our quick and easy guide to creating waves at home! Try these out when you have time to spend on your hair and let us know how you get on. Remember, it might take a couple of tries to get it perfect.

As always, we would love to hear your feedback and will be checking in on our comments, messages and other activity on this blog and our social channels. We hope this blog will benefit you greatly!

Here to help, x

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