If you want beautiful hair, start with these steps now!

Having great hair is something you need to keep on top of. Sure, there are people out there who have naturally fabulous hair but even they need to work at maintaining it. We have listed a few vitally important steps you will need to adopt in order to have the hair of your dreams.

Lets start by saying that we know you don’t have all the time in the world to manage your hair. You guys all live pretty busy lives, and thats why the steps that we have created below are made to fit into your lifestyle. We need your hair to work for you, not against you. With that said, lets dive right in.

Use a hair treatment weekly.

Hair treatments are one of the most under rated products in the beauty sector. There is a big difference between your average conditioner and a hair treatment/mask. The main difference is that when you use a treatment in your hair, it actually penetrates into the hair strand and will start working to improve the condition of your hair. Conditioner will soften your hair for sure, but it will only soften it until it is shampooed next and then it will rinse out. We recommend using a hair mask weekly, for about 10-20 minutes.

Always use heat protection.

Hair is natural fabric, and the more heat you add to it, the more damage it will cause. Every time you are putting any type of heat on your hair, you need to use heat protection. Heat protection should be applied from the ends up. Working it through the ends before moving up towards the roots will ensure that you are giving the more damaged strands the protection that they need. We suggest putting your heat protector right beside your dryer so you always have it ready to use.

Make use of the cold air button on your hairdryer for shine.

After you have dried your hair and your ready to go, take 2 minutes of your time to turn the cool air button on. Blasting cool air over your freshly styled locks will seal in shine as it makes the cuticle of the hair lay flat. When using the cool air button make sure your pointing the dryer down the hair shaft from roots to ends.

Allow hair to dry naturally where possible.

This can be a really cool look if you get it right. Check out a recent blog we have written about curly hair to see more tips on the subject. But natural drying can work for any hair texture weather its straight, wavy or curly. Especially now that natural movement is a huge trend! This will give your hair a chance to return to its natural texture and keep it away from styling damage. As a little trick, we often cut bangs, or fringes into our clients hair in the salon so that they can style the front and let the rest dry naturally. This gives you the feeling of being glam while 90% of the hair can do its own thing.

Don’t tie your hair up too tight.

Tying your hair up too tight can have long term effects on the hair. If done excessively, it can cause the roots to become weaker and cause thinning. This is especially common around hair lines as they are the most fragile area of the head. Don’t be afraid of tying it up, just leave it a little more relaxed at the roots.

Focus on your diet.

What you put into your body will come out through your hair. So with that in mind, eating proteins, vegetables and taking vitamins can do the world of good for your tresses.

Lower the temperature in the shower.

Washing your hair with water that is too hot will not only activate the glands that produce oils on the scalp, but will also strip the hair fibre of its layers and produce hair that is very dry as a result. The team at Ballance recommends that you shower with water that is of a comfortable temperature, not too hot or cold.

Secure your hair at night time.

Securing your hair before bed time with a loose ponytail or soft braids will ensure your hair doesn’t get tangled or knotted as you sleep. As a result, you won’t have to pull at your tresses the next morning resulting in breakage and/or ruining the style. Top tips from our team include tying hair at top of head for more volume the next day, or braiding hair while still damp at night to achieve beachy looking waves for the next day ahead.

And there you have it ! A few quick, easy and effective steps you can implement today to make your hair even more beautiful.

Leave us a comment below, and get in touch via our social networks to see more. We are always looking to improve your relationship with your hair so if you have any issues let us know !

Here to help, x

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  1. I have thin damaged hair and was looking for some advice on how to get it back into good condition, after reading all the interesting tips I now can’t wait to try them! Really helpful information.

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