Your guide to frizz free hair.

One of the most common problems our readers have is frizz. Our aim today is to educate you on the subject and get you on the path to frizz free hair now! Lets get started.

What is the main culprit of frizzy hair?

If you find that you are prone to a frizzy mane, your main culprit is dry hair. In 99% of cases, frizz is related back to dry, dehydrated hair.

How do I prevent frizz?

To prevent frizzy hair, you have to target the moisture level. Moisture is going to be your best friend in this situation, and putting as much moisture into the cuticle as possible is the number one priority.

Hair care.

Make sure that your home care is rich in moisture to hydrate the hair strands. This will involve a hydrating shampoo, conditioner and a weekly moisture mask.

Hair styling.

Using excessive heat on your hair will in return dry out your locks even more. If you are going to use heated tools, always use a heat protector and keep the heat settings at low or medium.

Be gentle.

When towel drying your hair after its been washed, be gentle! We often hear of clients rubbing their hair with the towel. This creates friction, which roughs up the hair cuticle leading to frizz from the start. Instead, be gentle when towel drying your hair. Pat dry with a towel or leave in a loose towel wrap on your head to let it dry somewhat.

Get a haircut.

By getting a haircut with your stylist, this will remove all split ends and damaged hair strands that will be producing frizz. By maintaining regular trims, you will notice the condition improve greatly and in turn, see a big difference with frizz!

Keep your hands off your hair.

Touching your hair throughout the drying process and even afterwards will stretch the hair shaft and encourage frizz. Try your best to keep hands away from your hair and if you are touching it, remember to be gentle and not stretch the hair.

Make sure to stay hydrated every day.

Whatever you put into your body will come out through your hair. Making sure that you are hydrated by drinking plenty of water will in return help with the moisture level in the individual hair strands.

These steps are all vitally important and will lead you on your path to frizz free hair. Please pass this on to someone you know who also struggles with fighting frizz as it might benefit them just as much!

So many of you had messaged us via instagram and facebook about fighting frizz. We hope that this guide will help you in that fight and we are thrilled to see how much of you are benefitting from these articles. Please continue to message us and share the blog posts to help reach out to a wider audience.

Here to help, x

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