How to trim your fringe between salon visits.

Anyone with a fringe will tell you that when it starts to grow out, it can be a nightmare. We are here to show you how to maintain your fringe until you get to the salon again.

What you will need.

In order to do this correctly you will need a hairdryer, round brush, comb and scissors.

Separate your fringe from the rest of your hair.

Separating the rest of your hair from the fringe is a crucial step as you don’t want to cut any hair not belonging to the fringe area. To separate the hair, simply comb down the fringe onto the face and pull all hair not included in fringe to behind the ears.

Begin in the middle of the fringe section.

Take a section of hair half the length of your index finger from the middle of the fringe. Comb this hair out from the face and not straight down. By lifting the hair out from the face and not straight down it will soften any harsh lines that you create.

Cut the hair with the scissors diagonal to your fingers.

By cutting the hair with a diagonal angle from the scissors to your fingers, you will be removing length and weight with every snip. If your scissors is parallel to your fingers, you will remove all the hair in one go and this doesn’t leave room for error.

When happy with the middle section, move onto the sides.

When you are happy with the middle section, take some hair that you have already cut and move onto the sides. The hair that you have already cut will be a guide for you to follow.

Bring the hair straight out again, and follow the guide from the middle.

Cut one side, and then move onto the other side. When the whole fringe section is cut, step back from mirror and check it all to see if its balanced.


After you have cut the whole fringe section, look in the mirror and see if any areas need refinement. This is where you can personalise it in any way you like!

You are now good to go for another few weeks! We hope this article has helped you with your fringe and will get you by until your next salon visit!

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Here to help, x

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