How often should I get my haircut?

This is such a common question in our industry that we thought we would make a quick post about it ! Lets start by saying not everyone has the same style, hair texture, or hair condition so the answer varies.

Hair length.

Short hair

If you have a hairstyle that is above the shoulders we suggest getting it cut around the six week mark. This will ensure that it always looks fabulous and never loses its shape as it hits the shoulders.

Mid length hair

Hair that is medium length can go between six to eight weeks as its not going to hit off shoulders or anything else to change the style.

Long hair

Long hair can go in between eight to twelve weeks as long as the condition allows you to get this long out of your hair. If you are seeing split ends or damage on the ends before this period we would suggest cutting it sooner, but if you are looking after the condition properly you will be able to stretch the visits to the salon out.

Hair texture.

Curly hair reacts completely different to straight hair. As hair generally grows at the same speed regardless of its texture, straight hair will seem a lot longer than curly hair as the curls will twist up into themselves. With that in mind, you might want to get it cut more often if you have straight hair and a little less with curly hair if your looking at length.

Hair condition.

The condition of your hair will play another key role in how long you can go in between salon visits. If you have split ends or damage throughout the ends we would always suggest getting a haircut sooner than suggested above. Always tackle the condition of your hair first and then focus on the length.

We hope this has made the answer to this question more relatable to you. Everyones hair is different and with that in mind, we have tried to make it more personalised in our answer.

Any questions on this topic or anything else, shoot them over to us in an email or comment below!

Here to help, x

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