How to get longer out of your colour.

We have been inundated with emails about how to get longer out of your colour. We know that we won’t be able to stop the roots from growing, but there is definitely ways that you can keep the colour on the ends looking better for longer. Lets start below!

Products that are designed for colour treated hair.

By using home care that is specifically designed for colour treated hair you will be giving your hair the best chance to stay better for longer. Colour treated home care is made to stop your colour fading so be sure you are using the right products from the start.

Avoid extra hot showers.

By shampooing your hair in hot water, it will cause the cuticle of your hair to open. By doing this it is releasing some of the colour pigments in your hair every time you shampoo on a hot setting. Try to shampoo your hair with more of a comfortable temperature and rinse out the conditioner with cooler water to seal the cuticle shut again.

Cover your hair in the sun.

The heat and UV rays from the sun can cause your colour to fade rapidly ! We suggest putting a hat on while out in the sun and/or applying a hair treatment to the hair to act as a barrier to the harmful rays of the sun on your coloured tresses.

Heated tools.

The same principle here as above, but the more damage done to the hair with heat will add to the colour of your hair fading much quicker. We suggest using them on a low or medium heat setting and to always use a heat protector.

Always use a barrier on your hair when swimming.

Before you go for a swim, be sure to apply conditioner all over your hair to act as a barrier against chemicals. Apply your conditioner all over and then stick your hair under your swimming hat for two pieces of protection against fading.

These tips will definitely get you on your way to longer lasting colour. We hope you have picked up some insights and that your colour stays better for longer by following the guidelines !

So many of you have reached out about this topic and we were glad we could create an article so soon to talk about it. As always, send us more questions to suggestions about what to write about next and we will be on it as soon as possible!

Here to help, x

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