How to blow-dry your hair straight.

Blowdrying your hair straight can be a difficult task. We are here to help you achieve this in some simple steps!

What you’ll need to get started:

To blow-dry your straight you’ll need a hairdryer with a nozzle, a round brush, hair clips and a heat protector.

1) Preparing the hair.

Apply your heat protector through the lengths and ends of damp hair. Then section your hair off from the top of your head to behind the ears on both sides. This will create a divide between the back section of the head and the front. Always start blowdrying at the front as its what you can see most.

2) Brush selection and sectioning the hair.

If you have short hair, choose a small round brush, if your hair is about mid length we recommend a medium round brush and for longer hair we recommend a larger round brush. The reason that we suggest a round brush is because the shape of the brush and the bristles create more tension or ‘pull’ on the hair. It is this tension that straightens the hair and not the heat from the hairdryer. The section you take should be the same as the width of the brush, ie, smaller round brush, smaller section.

3) Creating tension with the brush.

Once you have sectioned the hair off from front to back and identified how large your section should be, it is time to start blowdrying. As stated previously, tension is of utmost importance when straightening your hair. With that in mind, we want to place our round brush right at the base or root of the hair. Turn your round brush away from your scalp until you can feel the ‘pull’ on the hair shaft. You need to apply this tension from roots to ends to create a perfect, straight blow-dry.

4) Drying your hair.

Once you have applied the tension to the root area of the brush, simply place the hairdryer behind the brush (in between your scalp and the brush) and direct the air flow onto the bristles of the brush. This will dry the hair and smoothen the cuticle as you straighten the hair. Keep the dryer directing the air flow onto the brush until you reach the very ends of the hair. Repeat these steps until the hair on this section is dry.

5) Moving up the head until you reach parting.

Repeat all of these steps above until you reach the parting on one side. Keep it simple and repeat all processes. When you have completed one side, move on and follow the same procedure on the other side.

6) The back.

Dont complicate this when it gets to the back. We all know the back is a little harder to do ourselves, so we recommend taking your time and having patience with it. Repeating the same steps as above with sectioning, creating tension, and drying will get you through the back in no time.

7) Finishing touches.

Once you have finished drying your hair, you might want to add a couple of finishing touches. These can include blasting your hair with cool air from the hairdryer to seal the cuticle, adding serum to tame the ends, or brushing through with a paddle brush to compliment the look.

There you have it, our simple steps to blowdrying your hair straight! Please let us know how you found this article and if you would like us to write something else about a subject you are struggling with.

As always, your feedback means a lot to us! We are in this to help you manage your hair, any comments you have please leave them below!

Here to help, x

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